About Us

At Lumiere Portraits we create video portraits and video stories, as can be seen on this page. We have managed to break the price barrier and create a video portrait for $400. In its simplest form, we interview a professional, artist, author, etc and incorporate a few pertinent images with the interview. We spend about 20-30 minutes in the interview process, allowing you to have multiple takes and to relax a little bit in front of the camera. We understand that the camera can be intimidating, but our conversational approach makes it much easier.

Video portraits are broken down into several categories:

Video Profiles are a powerful addition to the “About Us” section of websites. They can also be used internally to a company to share employees’ backgrounds, skill set, or even personal tidbits.

Video Resumes are an additional method to add to one’s resume, be it online on social websites such as LinkedIn, or simply posted online for prospective employers to watch. A job candidate taking the time to enhance their resume in such a way shows he/she is thorough, and also adds a new dimension to job searches.

Artist Profiles are a great way to talk about one’s work, the art, the creative process as well as showcase some pieces in the profile.

Product promotions: Showing the product and perhaps a quick demonstration of the product is a powerful alternative to just reading about it on a website. This type of video may have additional fees depending on whether a demonstration requires special arrangements.

Meet the team!

Pierre started Lumiere Portraits in 2008 to create a focus in video. He is also the executive and photographer at Pierre Chiha Photographers www.pierre.com . He has always had a passion for images, and is now the Executive Producer at Lumiere Portraits. He loves to use the look of cinematography in these Video Portraits and Video Stories. “They add so much to the attractiveness of the video, that people have a bigger attention span when watching them online”. Pierre was born in Cairo, raised in Beirut, and educated in Paris before he moved to the Boston area to go to college, and obtained advanced degrees in chemistry and business administration.

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AJ is our principal cinematographer and is a genius at Final Cut and Premiere Pro (our video editing software). Telling stories through compelling images and camera movement is a true passion for him. His editing mastery is what allows us to produce Video Portraits that people will want to watch, and he always includes a little humor to make people smile. AJ is also a primary photographer specializing in weddings, senior portraits, and Bar Mitzvahs at www.pierre.com. And as if all of this wasn’t enough he also designs and maintains our websites.

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Jamie works behind-the-scenes and help us organize our videos, while also assisting with the interviews. She is also an expert photoshop retouching artist and is able to do amazing things with clients’ images. She makes everybody look their best!

 Lois assists in the studio in many tasks. She has an uncanny eye for detail and color, and is invaluable in quality assurance. Lois loves technology and is always eager to learn the latest in Photoshop and the myriad of plugins that we use. Of course, like the rest of the team, she is also an avid photographer and an expert videographer. She has volunteered for many years at CCTV, our local public access TV station.

Gaby has just graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in media-journalism.  When she’s not out freelancing  for news organizations and non profit entities, she fills in at the studio and assists at events. She teams up her artistic eye with her father, Pierre.

The studio is located at the Umbrella Community Arts Center (formerly the  Emerson Umbrella)  in Concord, MA.