About Video Portraits

This video product is about you, your background and interests. It is exceptionally powerful in the “About us” section of your website, or on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Video portraits are broken down into several categories:

Video Profiles are a powerful addition to the “About Us” section of websites. They can also be used internally to a company to share employees’ backgrounds, skill set, or even personal tidbits.

Video Resumes are an additional method to add to one’s resume, be it online on social websites such as LinkedIn, or simply posted online for prospective employers to watch. A job candidate taking the time to enhance their resume in such a way shows he/she is thorough, and also adds a new dimension to job searches.

Artist Profiles are a great way to talk about one’s work, the art, the creative process as well as showcase some pieces in the profile.

Product promotions: Showing the product and perhaps a quick demonstration of the product is a powerful alternative to just reading about it on a website. This type of video may have additional fees depending on whether a demonstration requires special arrangements.

We will create with you a list of questions to ask you during the interview.

The final product is up to 2 minutes in length.

Prices start at just $375 and that includes the session, the editing and a final video ready to upload to your website or social media.

See sample videos in our gallery.