About Environmental Portrait

This video product is about you, your background and interests, as well as your environment and the things around you. It is artistic in nature, and is exceptionally powerful in the “About us” section of your website, or on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Video session at the location of your choice in the cities in which we are located.

The session is created in an interview-like setting, with a Lumiere facilitator asking you questions. This process will allow you to be more relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

We add artistic footage to your video. This footage consists of your environment and the objects around you. We then blend it into the overall video for a beautiful, meaningful, movie-like result.

We will create with you a list of questions to ask you during the interview. We use multiple professional cameras, for different camera angles or perspectives. We also use professional lighting and sound equipment. We edit the final product in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro for a movie-like look and experience.

The final product is up to 2 minutes in length. Prices start at just $875 and that includes the session, the editing and a final video ready to upload to your website or social media.

See sample videos in our gallery.